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Did you know?

Consultations involve a thorough subjective history where the therapist asks questions about your main concerns. You may be asked to do a bladder diary at home to assess the functioning of your bladder. Depending on the individual situation, your women's health physiotherapist, with your consent, may also do a vaginal examination to assess the pelvic floor muscles activation and strength and assess for prolapse. Your therapist may also do a lumbar spine and pelvic screening along with an abdominal examination to assess for rectus abdominus separation and core muscle activation. 

Secret Women’s Business (SWB)

is a clinic run by four female physiotherapists. Set up in 2008, SWB women's health physiotherapists aim to teach women all the critical information they need to know to care for their body, pelvic floor, bladder and bowel. Our physiotherapists also treat women during pregnancy and in the post-natal period. ​